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GRP Savanna Tanks

What does the South African Gold Mining Industry and the Kalahari Bushman have in common - They are both closely centered around the beginning of Savanna Tanks -- The Gold Industry, we were specially commission to find a corrosion free water storage solution, in 70’s and the Kalahari bush man because of the originally idea - The Kalahari Bushman stores his precious water resource in the world's best container - A ostrich egg -- This gave rise to Savanna GRP sectional water tanks - Perhaps the first GRP manufacturer tank in the world - well before established standards .


With More than a 1000 + installations in Southern Africa -- We have had the pleasure of working on some of the most interesting projects in our region.

The advantages of GRP means we have been commissioned to make purpose built tanks/systems. Ie sand filters - sewage systems - Desal product tanks - Clarifiers etc

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Product Information .

Key Points          Benefits

Design                   BS EN 13280 (2001), BOBS 177, SISR , SABS

Modular                Unlimted configurations - Metric - Full Panel , Half Panel , quarter Panel

Corrosion Free     Zero - water to steel to air contact

Press Moulded     Automation - Consistance quality

Uv Shield               Mechanical and Chemical protection

Sealent                  Closed foam - Memory foam - spring back

Input Materials     BS,SABS spec QcP ISO paper trail

Bracing                  External and internal 

Our Clients

FRP Tank
Modular GRP Savanna Tank
Modular Steel Savanna Tank
GRP Tank Client
GRP Sectional Tank Client
Savanna GRP tank Client
Savanna GRP tank Client
Botswana savanna Tanks client
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