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Savanna Circular Tanks

Our Circular Tank Range is the latest of our product developments, interesting enough it's a marriage between our previous product lines. The main body of the tanks is galvanized steel with easy to build GRP roof sections. Manufacturing is completely CnC with all of our plates precisely drilled to ensure 100 % QCP. The tank poses some unique advantages especially from the foundation requirement aspect, making the system very cost efficient, anywhere in Southern Africa

Main applications are namely Agricultural and Industial. The system requires the least skilled labour to install.

Key Points          Benefits

Skill Level             Exteremly easy to build

Modular                 Limted configurations in accordance to Heigth & Diameter

Coating                  Galvanized Sheet / Upvc Liner / Grp Roof

CnC Made              Automation - Consistance quality

Uv Shield               Mechanical and Chemical protection on roof

Footprint               Can be for perament or tempory use

Input Materials     BS,SABS spec QcP ISO paper trail

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