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Common mistakes engineers make when specifying a Sectional Water tank - How to Spec a Water tank

The Tank is the easy part .......

So ... lets start there ....

1 Brand Name (if allowed)

2 Specification ( Bs/SABS/BOBS/SIRI)

3 Tank size (Length X Width X Height)

4 Nozzle Sizes -- Inlet, Outlet, Overflow, Drain

5 Stand Height / Ground Tank ....

6 Stand Functions – catwalk, access ladders, safely hand railing, Lightening protection

………, now for the stuff forgotten.

A) Pipework specification – with battery limits (usually 600 below NGL)

B) Pipework supports – Thrust Blocks on the elbows, Steel pipe supports along the stand height.

C) Size of the holding down bolts …

D) Lightening protection – ( SABS approved – Certificates required)

E) Design calculation for proposed stand to include for raw calculation + Professional insurance.

F) Soil Testing – (especially DCP testing on the actual tank position)

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