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The Longest Galvanized Sectional Tank in Botswana

Long and thin does the trick!! When a major property developer approached Savanna Tanks he had a major problem. He couldn’t fit in his domestic + fire storage tanks. He had approached a number of South African Companies but unfortunately a solution was not available.

Because Savanna Tanks is a new entry into the GS Sectional Water Tank Business, when investing in our equipment we adopted the metric mould system as opposed to the old imperial system pre-WWII (World War 2). A number of countries have already converted to the metric system , from the engineering point of view (Not from a measurement aspect). Currently South Africa is considering metric beams members and dropping the old imperial beam sizes.

Back to our longest Tank in Botswana – It’s approx. 28 meters long and 2 meters wide and 2 meters high. The imperial panel sizes were going to conflict with the roofing and the concrete beams. So we offered a metric solution thus allowing proper head room and clearance for the installation to occur.

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