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Savanna Tanks & Lovers Rock

Savanna Tanks and Lentswe la baratani!!

At the shadows of Lovers Rock, lies ‘Otse Police College and the Ilea Complex’. This was the backdrop for Savanna Construction’s next D&C project (Design & Construct). A build-up environment is always more challenging than a virgin environment and this is where we excelled. A maze of design problems with a step by step of solving using first principals and careful on site investigation.

Savanna Construction, is no stranger to these problems. Funny, Isn’t? , we are the ONLY mechanical services company in Botswana with regional experience. So being selected for difficult work is our forte. Currently we are operating in two neighbouring countries, therefore we are happier getting projects on home soil.

Ilea Project consisted of civil work, Wet services and some intelligent control with telemetry options. The project was constructed within time and budget, some extra scoping was added to make the project unique. Initially the project was a simple BILL and Construct but it soon became evident that Savanna’s resources had to come to the rescue. Team work with clients and Resident engineers was essential

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