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Peri Peri !!! & Savanna Tanks

The latest news on our steel sectional tank products.

I love Peri - Peri Chicken !!

.......but .... there's a big BUT !! ...... It has to be Mozambican Peri Peri Chicken ... Flame grilled .... the juices ..... fresh lemon .....and damn !! it's so good... Forget Nandos !! to all my home boys! once you have the real stuff , you'll never go back. - Let's not forget an ice cold beer too..

Not a distance memory of good times, in fact just around the corner !!..... and we now have a good excuse in hit the hot stuff again --

From Maputo to Luanda, from our humble beginnings of GC

Savanna Tanks has been awarded several tank installations in our Coastal African neighbours - Mozambique and Angola . We are the Only Motswana wholly owned Company that is truly regional - And the only Registered Wet Mechanical Contractor with our experience.

Know our customers and you'll know us -- Just afew

What's New--

Check out our Blog to get the latest news.--

Check out our group web page at -- to learn more about Savanna Group.

We have some exciting news coming up on how we are putting Botswana on the Map.

Cheers Good People

Todd J , signing out -- Till Next time

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