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Steel Sectional Tanks & Grp Tanks -Pula's & Nira's from GC to Lagos - Making Botswan

Inshaka Island (Dnb) , Investec H/q ( Jhb), SAB Miller (Sa & Moz), Toyota-land (Dnb), VodaCom Hq (Jhb) to name afew........... and Now ............................................

We have just been approved as an S.M.E. in for the Chevron Inc Corporation following our recent commission in Nigeria.

This makes us the ONLY Botswana Company ever registered by the International Oil Conglomerate as an S.M.E.

Chevron Gas to liquid Venture with Sasol + Nigerian Govt -

A secure military complex -- Only mode of transport , in and out of the complex is by air or boat -- Our crews were inducted on kidnapping and terrorist attacks.

Our experience in WET installations and Mechanical experience earned us this appointment. We were recently engaged to conduct a major design audit on a sewage system, requiring replacement and repair.

After assessments and business case models on ROR (Rate of Return) a decision to replace the total installation will be made.

This along with our work in Sudan would make the further-est work site we have ever transported Batswana to.

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