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Orapa Twin Towers -- AK47 Style !!!

Its always great to be a trail blazer, and construction always has a way of testing us, Savanna Tanks has always been a company with First's - When the chips are down, we don't squirm in fear, we make a fist , grit our teeth and love it when we can hear our heart's beat in our ears. Like Johnny Walker we keep on walking, and keep on breaking new ground, earning that right to be the first !!!

The first with Grp Tanks.

The first with Fractional Panels. In both GRP & GS

The first to offer GS and Grp Sectional Water Tanks under one roof.

The First to Offer Turn-key and D&C (Design & Construct) in the tank industry.

Now we have another first, in a special type of installation. It was obvious from the beginning, and during the initial site walk about / pre-erection meeting. The Project Manager asked , " How are you guys going to do this one "

"Easy ! We'll need to AK-47 this one" , I replied

Two GS 600 kl Tanks side by side not more than 2meters apart - 25 meters in the air. The special stand construction is such that we have a mid-way splice joint for a bottom & upper section for the tower legs to join and form the finial support structure. Each tower is 16 legs in configuration, supporting a finial grillage of 4 main beams with 12 X 2nd bearer beams.

So where does the Ak-47 cogitation come from ?

The actual site posed a great challenge from the access point of view with no space for pre-erection on site. In fact all structures were erected off site and on the day of erection, tri-axel trucks were loaded up in a strategic sequence in the order of lift. Like loading bullets in a machine gun magazine. As and when each specific bolted up leg section arrived the the cranes systematically installed, moved aside and the next truck came in, and so on & so on.

This meant maximum time utilization was achieved with the cranes, and the leg sections were completed in 4 timed days. With Savanna Tanks precision manufacture, everything slipped together like sweet cake !!

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together, so beautifully, its was so fast we should have filmed it in slow motion.

The only items pre-erected at the installation site were the two massive 600 kl tanks. After all the dimensional checks & QcP, the two huge tanks were lifted in a tandem lift. One tank a day.

Two days later, the tanks were affectionally dubbed the Twin Towers of Orapa.


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